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I see.  Thank you.  Is there a way to delete the published text?


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Currently Yes.

Version 1.0 of the Remixer is a one time process although the Remixing map used to make the remix should be saved in your computer's cookies for later editing (unless you have made another remix since and erased it). Remixer 2.0 (when released) will have the ability to use the Remixer tech to restructure existing remixes and hence overwrite existing texts.

For now, you have to created a new Remixer and delete the past one. Version 2.0 will likely be released before the  summer.


On 7/26/2019 1:57 PM, Stafinbil, Susan wrote:

Hey all.  I feel like such a newb...
I pulled together a composition textbook from several existing ones, I clicked "publish" and now I want to go back and delete a chapter.  When I try to save the new version, I can't overwrite the old textbook.  Do I have to create a new one?  What am I missing?
Susan Stafinbil (newb)

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